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Yarrow Essential Oil

arrow essential oil is said to have antimicrobial, antibacterial, and antiseptic properties. It is used for hair care, fevers, hypertension, indigestion, migraines, insomnia, scars, stretch marks, acne, rashes, blood pressure, and various other illnesses. The use of yarrow essential oil is also effective in treating liver and bladder conditions, cramps, skin inflammation, menstrual problems, bulk yarrow essential oil exporter slow healing wounds, ulcers, and bacterial and fungal infections. It can also be used internally to treat loss of appetite and dyspeptic conditions like gastric catarrh or spastic discomfort. Its analgesic, choletirc, hepaprotective, antihypertensive, anti-diabetic, anti-spermatogenic, and anti-tumor properties have made yarrow essential oil an interesting therapeutic in alternative medicine.

Yarrow oil can improve circulatory disorders such as varicose veins and hemorrhoids. It helps with irregular menstruation, menopausal problems, cystitis and infection.Essential Oil of Yarrow holds the secret to a smoother and younger skin with balanced amount of moisture in it. It keeps skin free from dryness, cracks, infections and marks.The febrifuge property of Yarrow Oil helps bring down body temperature by promoting sweat (being diaphoretic in nature) as well as by fighting the infections which cause fever. It also gives relief from inflammation resulting from fever.

Yarrow Oil is also known as milfoil, referring to its feathery appearance and was used as a charm in Scotland and was credited with having powers to ward off evil and has a reputation of having an all-healing action and has been used for a variety of ailments throughout the ages and is even added to some Swedish beers. bulk yarrow essential oil supplier has digestive health benefits that may improve liver and other organ function as it balances the secretion of necessary digestive enzymes. Yarrow oil benefits the respiratory system by acting as a natural expectorant. It is used to treat cough and cold as it removes mucous congestion from the nose, sinus cavities and chest.

Yarrow oil can help with digestive problems such as flatulence, colic, cramp, indigestion and constipation. In the nervous system, it can be used to counter stress-related problems, hypertension and insomnia.Yarrow is traditionally used for topical wounds, cuts and abrasions. It contains salicylic acid, sterols, flavonoids, bitters, tannins, coumarins and isovaleric acid. It has a dry, smooth and herbal aroma. Reported to have anti-inflammatory, antiarthritic, antibacterial, antifungal, antispasmodic, astringent, digestive, expectorant, stimulant tonic properties.  It blends well with black pepper, bay laurel, bergamot, Cedarwood, chamomile, grapefruit, cypress, clay sage, ylang ylang, valerian, vetiver and pine

Yarrow oil has many health benefits when used externally. It is a natural remedy for cuts, burns, bruises, skin ulcers and swelling. Yarrow oil can be applied directly to minor injuries, or pastes and poultices can be made using the leaves, ground yarrow root or the top of the plant. People with skin conditions such as eczema find that yarrow infusions help alleviate their symptoms. Yarrow oil can also balance skin's moisture. Asthmatic patients inhale infusions made bulk yarrow essential oil exporter with yarrow to help alleviate their symptoms. Yarrow oil is also an ingredient found in many natural shampoos. The skin can also benefit from yarrow oil as it helps to heal inflamed wounds, rashes, cuts, eczema, scars, and burns and can promote hair growth.


Yarrow Essential Oil