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Myrrh Essential Oil

The benefits of myrrh go back to the time of the Ancient Egyptians. They used it as an antiseptic, to repel fleas and it was an ingredient to embalm the dead. They carried cones on their heads that contained myrrh to prevent sunburn and repel insects!Myrrh Essential Oil is an astringent. It strengthens hold of gums on teeth, contracts skin, muscles, intestines and other internal organs.bulk myrrh essential oil exporter It also affirms grip of scalp on hair roots, thereby preventing hair fall. One more serious use of this property can be seen in stopping haemorrhage, when this astringency makes the blood vessels to contract and checks flow of blood.

Myrrh essential oil mixed with water has long been used by herbalists as a natural mouthwash and gargle in the treatment of mouth sores, infections and sore throats. MedicinalPlants cites a 2003 study that investigated the effects of myrrh oil on a number of key cells implicated in gingivitis. Researchers found that low concentrations of myrrh oil reduced gingival inflammation associated with gingivitis and periodontitis. The typical preparation is three to five drops in a glass of warm water, used to gargle or as mouthwash.

We also know that Myrrh was given to Baby Jesus along with Frankincense and Gold. So, Myrrh and Frankincense were considered luxury items used by the wealthy and highly regarded next to gold.Myrrh Essential Oil relieves you of excess mucus and phlegmbulk myrrh essential oil exporter and troubles associated with it such as congestion, breathing trouble, heaviness in chest, coughs etc.

But the benefits of myrrh continue to astonish us in modern time. It is a powerful antioxidant and like frankincense it is now being considered by modern medicine to treat certain cancers and tumors.Myrrh Oil strengthens and activates the immune system and keeps you protected from infections.Myrrh essential oil is believed to have analgesic, antiseptic and astringent properties. In a 2010 study by the Department of Radiological Science at King Saud University in Saudi Arabia, researchers found that myrrh was specifically able to increase white blood cell counts in laboratory rats being treated for skin injuries and gastric ulcers with myrrh. It also appeared to have properties that enhanced the immune responses involved in wound healing. Myrrh essential oil may be applied directly to a wound or mixed with a carrier oil and massaged into the affected area. Individuals with sensitive skin should avoid using essential oils. Check with your dermatologist before using myrrh topically.

Did you know that in 2001 Rutgers University scientists identified myrrh compounds that kill cancer cells? They were optimistic that myrhh can be used for the treatment and prevention of prostate and breast cancer.bulk myrrh essential oil supplier And to assist with the treatment of brain tumors (malignant).Myrrh is one of the best known of ancient spices. It was one of the three gifts borne by the Magi and was considered at par with gold. One of the implications of the Magi presenting baby Jesus with myrrh was that just as myrrh was a panacea for almost all known ailments,