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Manuka Essential Oil

Manuka essential oil is similar to tea tree oil in all its uses and properties, but most people prefer the fragrance of manuka oil since it smells like rich, fragrant honey, and tea tree oil has a more medicinal scent. Manuka oil, as well as the honey that contains trace chemicals of this oil, has been shown to have strong antibacterial properties. According to the Manuka Oil website,bulk manuka essential oil supplier laboratory tests have demonstrated that the chemicals in manuka are effective for treating antibiotic-resistant bacteria.

Manuka Oil has been used in the treatment of dandruff, itching scalp, fleas and lice. An effective home remedy for dandruff, itchy scalp and head lice using Manuka Oil is to add 2-3 drops of the oil into your regular shampoo and conditioner and wash the hair as normal. Two drops of Manuka Oil can also be diluted in one tablespoon of Organic coconut oil and be massaged into the hair and scalp thoroughly at least 15-20 minutes before the shower and then washed as normal.Manuka is a shrub native to New Zealand that produces abulk manuka essential oil exporter honey known for its spicy aroma and complex taste. According to Gill Farrer-Halls, author of "The Aromatherapy Bible," manuka essential oil, which is steam-distilled from the twigs and leaves of the manuka shrub, is thought to have several therapeutic benefits.Essential oil is obtained by the steam distillation of the wild harvested terminal leaves and branches. The distillation usually takes between 2-6 hours to complete. It is an amber colored liquid with overall refreshing scent. Scent characteristics: clove-terpene like, bitter-herbaceous, resinous, with a hint of fruitness

Manuka Oil is extracted from the leaves and small branches of the Manuka tree (Leptospermum scoparium) which is native to New Zealand. The indigenous people (Maori) of New Zealand have been using Manuka oil, its bark, sap, teas and poultice made with its leaves for centuries in the treatment of many health conditions. Recent research suggests that Manuka Oil contains Sesquiterpenes, Triketones, particularly Leptospermone, Isoleptospermone and Flavesone which give it extraordinary antimicrobial activity. Research has also found that the synergistic effects of Triketones and Sesquiterpenes may be attributed to the high anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, anti-septic and anti-viral activity of Manuka oil. Therefore, it is not surprising that this oil is often used in modern skin care products, body oils, creams, bulk manuka essential oil exporter antibacterial lotions, and soaps and shampoos.It can be used in the same manners as tea tree essential oil, and is good for fighting fungi, viruses and various infections.

Double blind studies and research have shown manuka oil to be better than tea tree oil at controlling certain bacteria, and has been especially effective at killing some of the resistant strains of staph and strep, bringing to to great attention and acclaim in the medical community, both as an alternative medicine and as a therapeutic aid in prevention of infection.