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Celery Seed Essential Oil

Celery seed (Apium graveolens) oil is extracted by steam distillation from dried seeds.  The plant is from the Apiaceae family (Umbelliferae — that is, from the carrot family), bulk celery seed essential oil exporter and has its origins predominantly in Europe (Hungary), but also China, India and the United States.  It is non-toxic and non-irritating.

Distillation yields an oil that is veCelery seed works against such tumors as polyacetylenes and phthalates. It helps normalize blood pressure, and is also very good for the liver. It protects the liver from acetaminophen induced damage. bulk celery seed essential oil supplier It reduces the cholesterol level which cures problems with circulatory systems, serves as a stimulant to the uterus and reduces muscle spasms and symptoms of menstrual discomfort including menstrual pains and cramps.

making it an excellent antioxidant.  Its actions are also anti-bacterial, antiseptic, anti-spasmodic, anti-rheumatic, diuretic (see inset box), carminative (i.e.: helps to expel gas from the gut) and a stimulant.  It is also a digestive aid.Celery seed oil is a natural diuretic of the liver.  It creates a purging effect by discharging the water out of the fat cells.

Celery Seed essential oil is one of the best oils for natural liver cleansing. Natural remedies for gout include celery seed because of its excellent ability to reduce uric acid. It is also used in natural remedies for rheumatoid arthritis along with wintergreen, peppermint and palo santo.

Researchers have been studying celery seed oil because of the compound 3-n-butylphthalide or 3nB. bulk celery seed essential oil supplier This compound has shown to reduce blood pressure in rats and relief arthritis. The compound helps to restore balance in many of the body processes without any harmful side effects.

My favorite oil blends that contain Celery Seed are GLF and Juva Cleanse both blends that help to detoxify and cleanse the liver. GLF also helps to cleanse the gallbladder.

This is of particular importance in a liver cleanse program because fat cells hold a lot of water.  (That's why, when people go on a diet, they lose weight really fast.  In the beginning, the majority of what they are losing is water.By its diuretic action, celery seed oil expedites the releasing of water from the fat cells in the liver.  And since water is the agent for the transporting of chemicals and waste out of the liver, this also helps to remove toxins.

Celery seed oil has also been found to have liver-protective and liver-regenerating effects.  This, along with its diuretic activity,bulk celery seed essential oil exporter makes it an excellent oil for use in the liver clearing blend and the super liver clearing blend.