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Jasmine Absolute Essential Oil

An aphrodisiac for the senses; said to improve mood and ease anxiety. Jasmine is a very powerful fragrance with a full, rich, honey-like sweetness. The fragrance of jasmine is a component in so many perfumes that there is an old saying 'No perfume without jasmine.' A tiny amount will go a long way.It is in its emotional uses that Jasmine truly shines. Almost every authority recommends Jasmine Absolute as a powerful natural aphrodisiac, bulk jasmine absolute essential oil exporter especially for those who lack confidence in their own sexuality. Battaglia says that it is as powerful an antidepressant as Ylang Ylang, Basil and Melissa. Fischer-Rizzi says Jasmine helps diminish fear and build self-confidence and optimism.  I have seen Jasmine Absolute recommended in combatting several of the "negative" emotions - anger, jealousy, suspicion, etc. 

When making jasmine absolute, any variety of jasmine may be used. There are 3 varieties that are available, with 2 of those varieties being most commonly used. Jasmine grandiflorum is the lighter smelling, more feminine scent. This flower blooms in the early morning and the scent is said to express the scent of early morning bulk jasmine absolute essential oil supplier

This oil is considered one of the most precious oils due to its many benefits. It can be blended with almost any other essential oil with a few drops making a big difference in any blend. It is often used as an anti-depressant, stress-relief, a sedative and as an antiseptic. It is also helpful for muscle spasms and coughs.

The second of the 2 most common types of jasmine is jasmine sambac, which is also known as Arabian jasmine. The flower looks a bit different, having more petals than the jasmine grandiflorum plant and the scent is also much more exotic and masculine. bulk jasmine absolute essential oil supplier This is often the variety that perfumers use when making cologne for men. There is a third variety of jasmine flowers used to make jasmine absolute, but it isn’t as well known as the others.bulk jasmine absolute essential oil exporter It is called jasmine auriculatum and it has an aroma that is almost fruity. This variety of jasmine absolute is difficult to find however, and if the jasmine absolute doesn’t specify which variety it is, chances are that it is jasmine grandiflorum.

Jasmine is a scent nearly everyone loves with a deep, sweet, rich floral aroma. Real jasmine, like rose, is beyond comparison to the imitation fragrances available.This climbing shrub is grown in many parts of the world and the flowers are only picked at night when the aroma is most powerful.Jasmine Essential Oil.  By definition, an essential oil is produced by distillation.  The fragile Jasmine blossoms do not yield their aromatic treasures by the process of steam distillation, but only by solvent extraction.  For more information about the various ways essential oils and absolutes are produced, please see our Essential Oil  Extraction page.  Personally I would be very suspicious of any vendor claiming to offer Jasmine Essential Oil.  There is no such thing.