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Caraway Seed Essential Oil

The Essential Oil of Caraway is extracted from seeds of caraway. Caraway is scientifically named as Carum Carvi. Sometimes, it is also addressed with the scientific name Apium Carvi. Caraway Seeds are very popular as a spice, particularly in Europe and in the Indian Subcontinent.

In many religious books too, the medicinal properties of caraway seeds have been narrated and appreciated. It is said to be the cure for nearly all diseases. And where do these medicinal properties of caraway seeds come from? Where else but from its essential oils? And the medicinal properties of the Caraway Oil come from its components like Carvone, Furfurol, Acetaldehyde, bulk caraway seed essential oil exporter Cumuninic Aldehyde and Limonene. In fact, on research, so many medicinal properties and health benefits of Caraway Oil were found that quite a fat book can be compiled on them.

The primary active constituent in caraway is volatile oil (4-6 on average), which itself is made up of carvone and limonene. The fruit of the caraway plant contains bulk caraway seed essential oil supplier fixed oil along with carbohydrate and protein. Caraway is a carminative. Carminatives are herbs that help to provide nutrients for ameliorate gastrointestinal pain, and associated gas pain.

Caraway is usually administered in the form of a tea you can drink. A caraway tea is prepared by adding 1-2 tsp. of pressed seeds to 150 ml. of boiling water, left for 10-15 minutes to sit and then drained. The finished tea should be taken 1 to 3 times per day.Under normal dosage and administration, there have been no known side effects or health hazards associated with caraway supplementation. However, when large doses of the volatile oil are taken for long periods, potential kidney and liver damage has been noted.

Galactogogue: Caraway Oil is a known remedy for increasing milk for lactating mothers. It is advised to take it with honey. It enhances both quantity and quality of milk. The baby, who is feeding on this milk,bulk caraway seed essential oil supplier is also kept safe from flatulence and indigestion due to the properties of this essential oil.

Anti-histaminic: Histamine is the reason behind the most disturbing and exhausting of coughs. People who suffer from this go on coughing endlessly. Sometimes the conditions become so worse that the patient runs out of breath and in worst cases, the patient collapses. Although there are many medicines available in the market, they all have their own side effects and do not provide a permanent cure. Here Caraway Oil can be miraculously helpful. It neutralizes the effects of histamine and cures these deadly coughs and other ailments associated with histamine.

Antiseptic & Disinfectant: Caraway Oil is a very good disinfectant and anti septic. It effectively cures infections of colon, digestive system,bulk caraway seed essential oil exporter respiratory system, urinary and excretory system and also external infections. It inhibits the growth of bacteria and fungi and prevent infection of wounds, ulcers etc. It is also anti septic and protects wounds against tetanus.