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Lime Essential Oil

Lime essential oil has an intensely fresh, sweet, citrus peel aroma. Quality Lime Oil should smell like the freshly scraped lime peel, sharp and green, not powdery and candy-like. The color of the oil is yellow to light green. It is cold expressed from the peel of the Lime.Essential lime oil is extracted from Citrus aurantifolia (also known as Citrus medica var. acida and C. latifolia) of the Rutaceae family, and processed in a variety of ways. 

The peel that has not ripened is processed by cold expression methods, and the fruit and ripe skin is processed by steam distillation.  Steam distilled oil is not photosensitizing, bulk lime essential oil exporter but cold expressed oil can cause sensitivity to sun exposure, so it is bulk lime essential oil supplier important to know which type of essential oil you have.essential oil can help alleviate symptoms of depression.  It is commonly used as a skin toner, and is believed beneficial in banishing wrinkled, orange peel skin, called cellulite.

Lime essential oil great benefits in cleansing wounds, killing bacteria and viruses, to clean and tone skin (especially oily skin) restore balance to bodily organs, including skin, and as a tonic.Lime oil is used to cool body temperature, as an immune booster to help and prevent common afflictions like influenza.lime essential oil is Citrus aurantifolia. Other names for lime essential oil include Citrus medica and Citrus latifolia. Lime essential oil is extracted from the rinds of sour lime varieties such as Mexican or West Indian lime. The most common name for this golf ball sized fruit is Key Lime 

Lime oil is a good ingredient to include in cough remedies, helps ease infections of the throat and tonsils, and is good as an inhalation for asthmatic, or breathing conditions.bulk lime essential oil exporter  Lime oil therapy can help weight loss, painful muscles and joints, and can be energizing and help allay depression. 

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