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Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil

Atlas Cedarwood Essential Oil has been used in medicines and cosmetics throughout the ages. Atlas Cedarwood has a place in Alopecia or hair loss blends. Atlas Cedarwood Oil is especially good for energy work and healing the energy field. This oil is good for meditation and creating sacred space. Cedar is a Semitic word meaning "the power of spiritual strength". While many oils claim to be cedars; Atlas Cedar is truly a cedar. Another true cedar on our list is Himalayan Cedarwood Essential Oil (Cedrus deodora). Also used as a fixative in perfumes.bulk cedarwood atlas essential oil exporter In France, this oil can only be obtained from a pharmacist,

Cedarwood Atlas essential oil is used in skincare as a mild astringent, and its antiseptic properties make it valuable in treating acne. Its "masculine" odour makes it acceptable to young men and boys with acne, who might reject sweeter-smelling oils. It is used in men's toiletries, especially aftershaves where both the astringent and antiseptic properties are helpful. It is also helpful for dandruff and other scalp problems. However, its popularity as a masculine perfume may be connected with its traditional reputation as an aphrodisiac. It certainly has a tonic and stimulant action on the whole body, while at the same time reducing stress and tension, so there is some foundation for this belief.

Cedarwood Atlas is closely related to the biblical Cedar of Lebanon and its therapeutic properties have been recognized since antiquity. Cedar was used by all the ancient civilizations in medicine, cosmetics and perfumery, and by the Egyptians in embalming. The wood itself is very aromatic, due to the high percentage of essential oil it contains, Bulk Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil Supplier and was used for building and making storage chests, as the odour repels termites, ants, moths and other harmful insects. In common with other aromatic woods, it was widely used as incense. It is still used as temple incense in Tibet (and among Tibetan exiles) as well as having important uses in traditional Tibetan medicine.

he scent of Cedarwood Atlas can be described as being warm, sweet, and tenacious, with a balsamic aroma. The Oil is a yellowish to orange-yellow or deep amber-colored. It is steam distilled from the wood, stumps, wood chips or sawdust of the tree.

The Aromatherapy Place offers a variety of Cedarwood essential oils to suit your preference. Cedarwood Atlas is different from Cedarwood Virginian, chemically and from the standpoint of its scent. The tree C. atlantica is a pine, not a cypress such as the Virginian cedarwood. However, Atlas Cedarwood is related to Cedarwood Himalyan,bulk cedarwood atlas essential oil exporter which grows at high altitudes in the Himalyan Mountains. Over time, treat yourself to a special sensual experience by trying and comparing the qualities of all our Cedarwood

as it is considered a neurotoxic and an abortive because of its ketones (especially the atlantone content). This is a good example of looking at an oil from its parts and not its whole. It seems that when you look at this oil in its whole form, it is safe. Oil from aged trees (20-30 years)is considered he best quality. Bulk Cedarwood Atlas Essential Oil Supplier There is also an atlas cedarwood distilled from the heart wood and it is considered more aromatic.